January 2014

January 2014

It is a known fact that many who have played in the NFL complain of memory loss, anxiety, lack of concentration, unable to sleep throughout the night, mood swings and lack of energy.
In late summer of 2013 one of our HOF Players, Paul Krause, had gone into severe depression… a funk that I had seen many other players go in and out of over the years; a place that always makes you concerned and unsure how to help. I had been speaking with numerous doctors involved with the current medical issues all over the news regarding athlete’s health after concussions, and knowing that Paul had over 18 concussions during his career red flags were going up. During one of the conversations I was told by a doctor that hormonal imbalance accelerated depression and anxiety, mood swings, etc. Being a female I all too easily could relate.

Joe D

My research of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) led me to speak with Dr. Gino Tutera at SottoPelle, which means “under the skin” in Italian. Dr. Tutera is one of the founders and leaders in this area. His research is noted worldwide and recently showed amazing results not only for athlete’s cognitive, emotional and physical health but also Parkinson’s Patients. www.SottoPelle.com

I have to say my first conversation with a Pro Football Hall of Fame Player regarding receiving hormonal replacement therapy would make one hell of a comedy routine but thank goodness Paul Krause was open minded. His only request was that I too receive the treatment and in fall of 2013 he and I both started undergoing HRT treatment. Again, when he and I recount for friends is priceless… seriously, what other woman has ever told you she and a Pro Football HOF Player decided to get “hormone treatments” together? Our first mistake was filling out our medical questionnaire together…”TMI”. Next time Paul will remember to bring his glasses so I don’t need to read the questions to him over lunch.

The results in him were apparent within 72 hours of our treatment. He called me and said “Wow! I feel great. I am sleeping a solid six hours – hadn’t done that in 15yrs, and I feel comfortable in my skin… I like me again.” As for me, I noticed within thirty six hours in him a calmness; he was smiling again and looking forward to the upcoming appearances we had planned for the HOF Players at the 2013 Super Bowl in NY. As for me – within 6hrs no hot flashes, sleeping like a rock and best of all my family “like me again…I’m not “Witchy Poo” any longer.

Will keep you updated on the progress.