Sometimes you are introduced to individuals that instantly take your breath away. Not because of beauty – that’s only skin deep. We mean because of heart, inner being that makes you step back and say “WOW…now that is the real deal, we admire them.”


Recently we had the pleasure of getting to know Brad & Liz Soden the other day and instantly knew we, HOF Players Foundation, wanted to be associated with them. Brad is the creator of the TANKCHAIR which if you’re a fan of Bill O’Reilly you for sure have seen and/or heard O’Reilly speak of the TANKCHAIR and all the great work Brad and Liz are doing for veterans around the country.

Stay tuned because we have big plans with the TANKCHAIR at the upcoming 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix, AZ. In the meantime take time to get to know Brad and Liz so you understand why we are making them part of our team.