Update on our Hormonal Replacement Therapy treatments


We have learned without sufficient levels of hormones the body’s systems become depleted, out of balance and simply cannot function well. (BHRT) therapy supports cardiovascular health, bone density, preserves muscle mass, brain health and function helping preserve short term memory, focus and concentration along with stability of moods. Working in partnership with your body, hormone replacement therapy recreates healthy balance and essential support to ones body’s vital organs and systems.

Since October of 2013 several members of the HOF Players Foundation are participating in SottoPelle hormone replacement therapy and having noticeable improvement and this month SottoPelle made a blanketed offer to treat any HOF and/or NFL Player under a national agreement that will allow any Player and/or their wives treatment at a minimal cost.

Maybe this sounds odd to an outsider that “Men of the Gridiron receiving Hormonal Treatment” but for those of us that know the truth, see the side effects daily how the hits have affected their daily lives, we can’t thank Dr. Tutera and SottoPelle enough for what the treatment is doing for these men. NO, I am not saying it is a cure or will reverse the effects of the damage done. I am saying first hand I, the players, their wives and families are seeing these men living life again without another prescription drug to get them through the day.