Ryan Hempen

“My experience in working with the HOF Players over the past eleven years has been outstanding…the HOF Players are professional, engaging, fun. fit in and are engage. Work exceptionally well with the customers and I highly recommend using then for client entertaining or in-house teambuilding.”

Lori McGunn / Chicago, IL

“One of the best events you can attend during a Super Bowl weekend. If you’re lucky enough to have them host an event in you state during the year… GO! Memories are priceless.”

Joe Tobia / Guest at  HOF Players events during 2015 Super Bowl in Phoenix

“My wife and I attended two HOF Players Association Events while in Phoenix during Super Bowl Week and had the time of our lives!!! It was well organized and more than we ever expected! While hoping to meet a few of the NFL greats of the game, we got the opportunity to meet many of them and speak to them on an informal basis—- what a classy bunch of gentlemen! Not only did we get our picture taken with them (which  they all gladly agreed to do) but we were able to talk to them for a few minutes. More importantly, we realized early on that the real winners were some of  our Vets who were being honored at those events. To meet those individuals who have risked their lives and sacrificed themselves for  my freedoms, was very heartfelt and touching. It was truly an emotional and inspiring time, thanks to the NFL Greats of the Game who want to give back to those who have  given us so much.  I want to thank all those responsible for such a well-run and  worthwhile event and we (my wife and I) hope to attend others in the  future! If there is a mailing list for future events, please get us on it!!”

Paul Krause / Pro Football Hall of Famer

“In life you have associates, friends, and family. My fellow Hall of Famers started out as teammates, then we became friends. Over the years our children have grown up together and we have shared the ups and down that life offers. Today I consider my fellow HOF Players as part of my family and till my dying day will do whatever I can to help those HOF & NFL Players in need as I know they would do for me.
I am honored to say I am a part of the HOF Players Foundation.”